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Birżebbuġia is a seaside town in the Southern Region of Malta. Birżebbuġia means “well of olives” and is close to Marsaxlokk. It is approximately 8 miles (13 kilometres) from the capital Valletta, and it has a population of 10 000.

Birżebbuġia is popular among Maltese holiday makers and it known for its sandy beach, Pretty Bay. It is also notable for its important archaeological sites, especially Għar Dalam, Ta’ Kaċċatura and Borġ in-Nadur.

Għar Dalam Cave is a highly important site, as it was here that the earliest evidence of human presence on Malta was discovered. Artifacts date back to the Neolithic Period some 7,400 years ago.

Other remains include those of a prehistoric temple or settlement, Borġ in-Nadur, which dates from the Bronze Age. The area also has cart ruts that lead into the sea and run along the sea floor. A Roman villa can be found across the valley from Għar Dalam, at Ta’ Kaċċatura.

The town includes historical structures and remains that date back centuries such as Ferretti Battery, Pinto Battery, and the Birżebbuġia entrenchments. These sites date back to the rule of the Order of Saint John, who ruled the Maltese islands from 1530 to 1798. During the British period, Fort Benghisa, RAF Kalafrana and RAF Hal Far were built in Birżebbuġia.

During the last decade the Malta Freeport and container terminals were established. Birżebbuġia has many shops and restaurants along the coastline.

The locality hosts a number of football teams and also has its own water polo team.